In Brush Park

by T54



Our long overdue debut full length. Available now on CD/digital. Visit to buy! Many thanks to those who support us, and for your patience and encouragement. Catch us on tour this November and December:

Nov 22 - Queen's, Dunedin
Nov 23 - Darkroom, Christchurch
Dec 6 - Cassette, Auckland
Dec 7 - Mighty, Wellington


released 01 November 2013
Engineered by Thomas Bell. Mastered by Steven Marr. Design and illustration by Leo Buckett. Photography by Emily Hlavac Green.



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Track Name: Nails Painted
Wednesday last week I saw her drift by the river, laying face-down on something we built together. Disbelieving on the long walk home that a thing like I saw could rearrange what I know. I'm living with fear and I'm livid with fear and it's something I can't ignore right now, like throwing sticks and stones.
Track Name: Life is Swell
Remember The Accolades? A band that never played to anybody. When she would fall apart I'd open up her heart and let the rain in. Help was on it's way, I caught the morning plane and headed out west. Never really understand, never really tried. Now I'm under cars staring at the sump and wasting her time. When she would fall apart she'd open up her car and let the boys in.
Track Name: Return of The Worm
After I got a cold, Mum and Dad took me home. Back in bed with no sleep, how I dreamed of sleep. After I got well again I told myself I'd never get ill again. Here I am in the snow with no coat and no Mum and Dad.
Track Name: SW Chops
And I swear, I thought you know that it's good and never was wrong to say you're better than them. If you go to New Brighton mall you'll see what I mean. Terminal boredom doesn't mean creativity (it's rotting out my chops) it just means an early death. Laugh all the time laugh all the time laugh all the time laugh all the time laugh all the time laugh all the time.
Track Name: AC Parade
Afternoon in hell and I've already been replaced. Harlots in the street don't seem so bad this afternoon (suck on that). Boring as I seem, I'm sure that there could be a sparkle in me. No, don't stop me now, because you can tell I'm interested. And you can say my spirit's dead, you can say my spirit's dead, you can say my spirit's dead, I can see your spirit's dead. Today I met you in the street and you were pushing something that did not interest me. And I ignored your favourite dress today when I met you in the street.
Track Name: Return To Action Movies
My relief that I can remove myself. There's nothing I want involving them, I want to do something without them. Won't you see? There's nothing I want with them, I want to do nothing with them. There's my man, spending time inside himself. I'm deep inside myself today and I don't think you'll get through to me. Deep inside himself, he didn't mind. One in the crowd is something else. He keeps a stick of dynamite. Heaven speaks courteous words. Honest men are blown into the sky, he didn't mind.
Track Name: Jennifer Hands
Your secret handshake is worn and showing through. You said your father, when you were young, showed you how to win. He said it was easy and I tried but it's hard. He said it was easy and I tried but I've had enough. He did not want courtesy. Beautiful hands beautiful hands beautiful hands beautiful hands. I am the beat, I am the seed, I am the beat.